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Parking Lot Check-In Now Available @ All 3 Offices

Online check-in from the parking lot of all 3 office locations is now available. This resource allows you to wait in your car until your exam room is ready. It minimizes the number of people in the waiting room at a given time, and optimizes safety for you, your children and our staff. The host, […]

A Tribute to Dr. Walter E. Bundy Jr., A Beloved Mentor & Friend

***This article was written in 1998 following the establishment of a Community Professorship at VCU/MCV named in Dr. Bundy’s honor.*** “Walter Bundy was the Dr. Welby of Richmond pediatrics,” says Dr. William L. Curry, now the “dean” of six physician partners who make up Pediatric Associates of Richmond since Dr. Bundy’s retirement in 1990. Curry […]

COVID-19 Exposure FAQs

Below are some of the FAQs parents have when they learn their child was exposed to someone with COVID-19. The answers are based on the data and medical knowledge we have as of the date of this post. Please call our office with any additional questions. My child has been exposed to someone with COVID-19, […]

Honors and Recognition

We have been humbled and honored to be recognized through the years by both the Richmond community and our peers in the medical field, as noted in publications such as Richmond Magazine’s Top Docs issues, and Style Weekly’s Best of Richmond and Family Favorites issues. We’re always striving to provide your children with the absolute […]

Flu Shot Appointments Now Available

We are happy to announce that we have our flu vaccines in stock. We are now offering and administering flu vaccines at well child check-ups for patients 6 months and older. Siblings can be added for flu shots at a check-up, but please call in advance so we can prepare and screen accordingly. If your […]

Demystifying “It’s Just a Virus”

“I know that you are going to tell me that it’s just a virus, but…”  We’ve heard this utterance countless times from parents.  It is usually said (and understandably so) in anticipated frustration that we would not have a prescription that would quickly relieve their child’s symptoms.  Most likely the parent first heard the phrase […]

Staying Healthy in Phase III

We are a week into Phase III here in Virginia, and we’ve received many phone calls and questions during visits on how to best navigate the loosened restrictions. In this blog entry we’ll try to tackle the most commonly asked questions. First, we’d like to convey how appreciative we are to this community for all […]

Enriching Sibling Relationships

“PARdon Me” a blog series by Laura Duke, CPNP, IBCLC PARdon me…but how is the brotherly/sisterly love flowing at your house?  Siblings are spending an unprecedented amount of time together.  They are not headed off in different directions for sports or activities.  Friends may only be available by screen.  Schoolwork has come to a close.  In […]

Three Chopt check-ups & other office changes

If you’ve held off scheduling your child’s check-up until appointments re-opened at Three Chopt, the wait is nearly over. Beginning June 1st, we will resume having check-ups at the Three Chopt location. Sick visits will continue to be only at the Three Chopt location, but will be in a completely different wing from the check-ups, […]

Guiding Teens through Missed Milestones

This will be quite a tough May for many of our teenagers. May is prom season. It’s when spring athletes would be finishing up their seasons and possibly competing for championships. It’s when those in performing arts showcase all their hard work through instrumental talents, singing, dancing or acting. Perhaps most notable is that May […]