Approach To Care

Your child is the most important person in our practice.

Our goal is his or her wellness and progressive development from birth through age 18.  This is achieved through annual well child checkups that help track the general health, growth and development of your child.  We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for recommended checkups and vaccines.

Beginning with our lactation services we proactively promote and review nutritional and behavioral milestones along the road to adulthood.

We offer support and guidance to you and your child for physical as well as emotional and social issues.  We are sensitive to the variety of childrearing philosophies and cultures present in today’s society.  By maintaining a cooperative and open relationship, together we can offer the best health care for your child.

We strive to be as available to you as possible.

Our early morning, lunch time, evening and weekend “urgent” sick child appointments offer you an opportunity to have your suddenly ill child evaluated quickly.  All questions and concerns before, during and after business hours are handled by P.A.R. providers or clinical support staff 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our entire team shares in the care of your child.

If you prefer, most of your well child checkups can be with a single provider.  However sick visits are usually scheduled with the first available provider that can fit your schedule in order to provide the most immediate care.  We believe that the best medical care is provided when our entire team is invested in each patient and family we see.  This was the ideal of Dr. Bundy when he started the practice, and we happily continue that legacy more than 6 decades later.  Our providers frequently discuss amongst themselves complex cases so that each patient benefits from our providers’ collective wealth of backgrounds and experiences.

Each of our offices is an extension of the others.

Our providers spend time at each of our locations to optimize continuity of care.  Your child may be seen at any of our locations on a given day for your convenience, whether it be a well child checkup or a sick visit.  Everyone on our staff, both clinical and clerical, is present to assist you and your child.  All of us want to make your encounters with our practice a positive and productive experience.