Dr. Shreve Announces Retirement

On June 20, 2022, I will retire from Pediatric Associates of Richmond. I cannot come close to conveying the emotions I have with this decision as I have so many great memories. I have always felt so honored and privileged being a pediatrician and getting to work at Pediatric Associates of Richmond.

I will be the last partner that has worked with every partner we have had from Dr. Bundy to Dr. Kassa. I have made so many friends.

The bond I experienced with patients was so important to me. The trust and friendship I was able to have with so many families was so wonderful. Words can’t express what it meant to me to take care of your kids.

I am so excited for Pediatric Associates’ future. I’m sure what helped me the most, especially during the pandemic, was being surrounded by so many great partners and staff. The care and caring at Pediatric Associates will continue to thrive when I depart.

You may see me here and there bringing in any or all of my 7 grandchildren into the practice.
Thank you for all you have given me!

Dr. Shreve