Updated Covid Vaccines Expected Week of 9/25/23

We are expecting our shipment of the updated Covid vaccines the week of 9/25/23. While we are not sure which day they will arrive, we anticipate being able to offer and administer them at our Seasonal Vaccine Shot Clinics including Saturday, 9/30/23. They are safe to be administered at the same time as flu shots, which we already have in our offices for administration, as well as routine check-up vaccinations.

A few notes about how many doses are needed:

(1) If your child is 5 years or older, only 1 dose of the updated vaccine is needed. This is true whether they’ve had zero prior doses, 4 prior doses, or something in between.

(2) If your child is 6 months to 4 years old and completed the 3 dose Pfizer series with either the original and/or bivalent doses, only a single dose is needed. This should be administered no sooner than 2 months from the most recent bivalent dose.

(3) If your child is 6 months to 4 years old and has started but not completed the 3 dose series, the updated vaccine will be used to complete the series, and on the same schedule.

(4) If your child is 6 months to 4 years old and has not had any doses, 3 doses of the updated vaccine will be administered with the following schedule: dose two 3 weeks after dose one, and dose three 8 weeks after dose 2.

Please call 804-282-4205 during business hours to schedule your child’s flu and/or covid vaccines on one of our 3 Saturday Shot Clinics, or on a weekday.