Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

Having a baby is a monumental, life-changing event.  For all of the anticipation, excitement and relief that come with the birth of your baby there is also a flood of hormones and emotions that can confuse an otherwise happy new mother.  We encourage new moms to discuss emotions of sadness or just feeling down with loved ones, their doctor, and us (your child’s healthcare provider).  In many cases the emotions felt are a normal part of the process.  For others the emotions can be a signal of postpartum depression or anxiety.  A mother’s physical and mental health is very important to the growth and development of their newborn.  It is therefore very important that a new mom struggling with postpartum depression or anxiety get help as quickly as possible.  Below are some links to a resource guide for those with postpartum depression published by VCU Health Center, and a fact sheet about postpartum mood disorders from Postpartum Support International (PSI).  If you, or your spouse, have any symptoms concerning for these mood disorders please discuss it with your healthcare provider immediately.

Beyond Baby Blues: A Mother’s Guide to Postpartum Depression

PSI Perinatal Depression, Anxiety, and Mood Disorders Fact Sheet