Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby.

Even though babies are alike in many ways, each is also very different. Your baby is very special to you – and very special to us. The miracle of birth and growth is a fulfilling and wonderful experience. Thank you for selecting us to share it with you and your child.

If this is your first child, you will quickly gain the experience and confidence necessary to care for your child. All new parents are a bit anxious with a new infant at home, but everyone becomes more at ease with time, experience and advice. Family members and acquaintances will be ready to provide all sorts of advice. Remember that your parental instincts and common sense are usually appropriate and correct. We are available to answer any questions, regardless of how seemingly insignificant and hope that you will call when you feel it necessary. There is no right or wrong way for all babies in all situations. You should establish flexibility in your daily routine whether it be feeding schedules and quantities, play periods or sleep schedules. These may vary from day to day or week to week. Your baby is dependent on you for many things, but it is important to establish some independence for your infant – allowing him to “work things out” by himself when it seems necessary. There are also times when you need to reestablish your independence. Take a break; get a sitter and go out for a while.

When you should call the doctor

In the first two months of life, call the doctor if:

  • Rectal temperature is 100.4°F or more. This could be anything from a cold to a very serious infection. Since it is difficult to tell which, the doctor would need to evaluate the baby.
  • Forceful vomiting occurs more than once (not just “spitting up”) or if feeding is refused several times in a row.
  • Diarrhea occurs with increasing frequency.
  • Coughing is constant.
  • The baby is listless or unresponsive.
  • There is any unusual rash.

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