Contract for Drivers

The following is a contract for adolescent drivers and their parents courtesy of a “Dear Ann Landers” column printed in the Richmond Times-Dispatch on 6/29/2002.  This was one of her last columns; her death was exactly one week earlier.

”It is understood and agreed that having a driver’s license and driving a car are privileges.  Any privilege has to be earned, and it must be earned on a continuing basis.  This means that driving privileges may be revoked due to an infraction of the following rules:

  1. Breaking the driving laws or abusing a motor vehicle can result in the loss of driving privileges, even if we learn about it from a source other than the police.  You never know who may be observing you.
  2. You will strive to maintain the grades, conduct and attitude at the same high level as when we first granted driving privileges.
  3. No one else should be allowed to drive a vehicle entrusted to you.  This means you may not lend your vehicle to friends.
  4. If you are ever in a condition that might render you less than 100 percent competent behind the wheel, call us.  We will come get you.  This will not result in the loss of your driving privileges.
  5. You are never to be a passenger in a car in which the driver should not be driving.  A call to come get you will not result in the loss of driving privileges.  If you cannot reach us, call a taxi.  We will pay for it, and there will be no punishment.


Signed this _____ day of ___________________, 20____

Dad ________________________________________

Mom _______________________________________

Newly Licensed Driver ___________________________ ”

NOTE:  You can replace calling a taxi with calling an emergency contact, if agreed upon by parents and driver.  Uber and Lyft may be additional options, but require passengers/app users to be 18 years old.

CLICK HERE for a Word document form that you can download, fill out and edit as you and your adolescent see fit.