Vitamin D and Fluoride

Vitamin D and Fluoride for Babies

All breastfed babies should get daily Vitamin D drops because it is not well transferred through the milk, unless the mother is on high doses (over 2000 IUs per day). As long as they are receiving any amount of breastmilk, babies need supplemental Vitamin D. These vitamins can be found at pharmacies and typically stores like Target and Walmart that have baby sections. Some are a single drop that you put on the breast before your baby latches; others are a dropper full that you administer in the mouth or bottle. Check the packaging for instructions.

Fluoride is necessary for the development and strength of the teeth, from infancy to 13 years of age. The water supply in the City of Richmond, Henrico and Chesterfield Counties and most of Hanover County is adequately fluoridated so no supplementation is necessary. If you use well water, the baby may need fluoride drops to be started after six months of age. Fluoride is not transferred through the breastmilk so breastfed babies will also – in addition to vitamin D – need supplemental fluoride after six months of age.

Full term babies who are taking a normal amount of formula do not need additional vitamins as the daily vitamin requirement is provided in the formula. Premature babies may need vitamins in addition to the formula. If you are mixing powdered formula, it is acceptable to use tap water, but preferred that you use non-fluoridated “Nursery” water for the first 6 months.

Children who receive fluoride treatments from their dentist should still take fluoride supplements.

For more information from the American Dental Association on fluoride visit