To say that parental divorce is a hard life experience for children to navigate is an understatement.  We have compiled a list of books/resources for children (preschool-school age) that may help with the transition.

Ages 3-6

Why Do Families Change?: Our First Talk About Separation and Divorce by Dr. Jillian Roberts helps inform and empower parents to have that first discussion with their young child about this significant life change.

Ages 4-7

Dinosaurs Divorce by Marc Brown helps children understand why parents divorce, what divorce and similar words/terms mean, and how life will be different after parents are divorced/separated.

Ages 8-12

When Mom and Dad Separate by Marge Heegaard offers ways for children to explore and navigate the grief of this major life change through drawing and art.

When My Parents Forgot How to be Friends (Let’s Talk About It) by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos is a great book for parents and children to read out loud together then discuss their feelings.

Divorce Is Not the End of the World: Zoe and Evan’s Coping Guide for Kids was written Zoe and Evan Stern when they were young teenagers following the divorce of their parents. The siblings write about a multitude of topics and experiences, and included are updates from the pair 10 years later.


Frequently children will need additional opportunities to explore their emotions and understanding of what this change means.  In these circumstances child or family therapy with a counselor or psychologist can be helpful.  If you have questions about this please contact our office and ask to speak with a provider.