Is your teen up late with homework, slow to get moving in the morning, hurrying out the door at the last minute and skipping breakfast? Many teens tell us there is ‘no time’ to eat breakfast in the morning, or that they ‘aren’t hungry, anyway’. Some teens may even complain of dizziness or nausea first thing in the morning and may not want to eat. It is important to let your teen know that skipping breakfast is not an option!

Studies show that school performance, energy and concentration all significantly better for teens that eat breakfast.

Breakfast eaters have been shown to have a healthier weight and are less likely to gain unwanted pounds than those who skip breakfast.

Teens that eat breakfast are in better general health, and may also perform better in sports or afternoon activities. They feel better, miss fewer days from school, and are less moody—doesn’t that sound great?

Breakfast together as a family is a great idea, doesn’t have to involve a lot of preparation, and encourages parents to eat in the mornings, too. Some simple prep work the night before and 15 minute adjustment in bedtime/wake time will have a huge positive impact on your family’s day! Even a bowl of cereal with milk and fruit, with a minute to chat about the busy day to come is a great start.

If a sit-down breakfast is a ‘no-go’ for your teen, have available several ‘grab and go’ options, or things your teen could put together quickly on his or her own the night before. Choices could include:

  • yogurt or oatmeal topped with fruit or granola
  • a bagel topped with peanut butter or pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese
  • a peeled hard- boiled egg and fruit slices, cheese quesadilla with apple slices, a breakfast burrito
  • fruit smoothies
  • an extra lunch sandwich
  • even a slice of cold pizza and a glass of milk!

Ideally, the choices should be as nutritionally balanced and have as many food groups represented as possible. However, anything nutritious they can grab on the way out the door is better than skipping breakfast entirely!