Benadryl Dose

Generic name: diphenhydramine

When to Use: Allergic reactions, hives, itching, and/or nasal allergies. *No proven benefit has been found for use as a treatment for the common cold.

Age Limits: Not generally recommended for children under 1 year because it might make them excessively sleepy. Call before administering if under 1.

Dose: Is based on weight (not age), and may be administered every 6 hours as needed.

Child’s Wt.Liquid (12.5mg/5mL)Chewable (12.5 mg)Tablet (25mg)
20-24 lbs3.75 mL
25-37 lbs5 mL1 chewable
38-49 lbs7.5 mL1.5 chewables
50-83 lbs10 mL2 chewables1 tablet
84-99 lbs15 mL3 chewables1.5 tablets
100+ lbs4 chewables2 tablets