Pediatric Associates of Richmond

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Prenatal Open House

Prenatal open houses are provided at no cost and are an opportunity for expectant parents to meet one of our doctors, learn more about our practice’s approach to care, take a tour of our West End office, and learn what to expect after you deliver your baby.  While we try to cover as many topics as possible we also encourage attendees to ask as many questions as they need.  Prenatal classes are typically held the 3rd Tuesday night of each month.  Prenatal classes start at 7:30 pm.  Please call (804) 282-4205 to reserve a spot at one of the classes listed below.



January 2018 – Tuesday the 16th

February 2018 – Tuesday the 20th

March 2018 – Tuesday the 20th

April 2018 – Tuesday the 17th

May 2018 – Tuesday the 15th

June 2018 – Tuesday the 12th (office scheduling conflict on the 19th)

July 2018 – Tuesday the 17th

August 2018 – Tuesday the 21st

September 2018 – Tuesday the 18th

October 2018 – Tuesday the 16th

November 2018 – Tuesday the 6th (moved due to Thanksgiving)

December 2018 – Tuesday the 18th