Shelter-In-Place Activities

“PARdon Me” – a blog series by Laura Duke, CPNP, IBCLC

Do Something….

PARdon me…did you DO SOMETHING today?  Is your family finding a purpose in their day while sheltering in together?  Last week, I mentioned that Dr. Lori Evans of Sirius Doctor Radio’s show “About Our Kids” encourages each family member to set a goal of doing 4 things every day:  something social, something active, something fun and something productive.  How are you doing?

Do Something Social

Now more than ever, it is vital for us all to keep social connections.  Never before have there been so many ways to do this from your couch or backyard.  Encourage your family members to reach out to friends via Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime or Zoom to name a few video platforms.  Houseparty is an app that connects teens via chatting and games.  Trying to get away from the screen?  Everyone loves getting mail.  Encourage your child to reach out to a classmate or relative as a pen pal. 

Do Something Active

Keep moving.  Dance in your kitchen.  Cosmic Yoga offers classes on YouTube that combines movement with stories.   Get outside.   Ride your bike or scooter…with a helmet, appropriately distancing, of course.  Take walks.  It does not have to be sunny.  A little rain never hurt anyone.  Many communities are holding teddy bear hunts in which residents place bears or stuffed animals in their windows.  Some neighborhoods are posting scavenger hunts.

Do Something Fun

Do something fun every day.  Let your child identify what is fun for them.  Be creative.  Now may be a time to encourage your child to explore an interest or hobby.  Gardening gets everyone outside.  Many museums and zoos are doing virtual tours.  Pull out your art supplies. 

Do Something Productive

Most schools, if not providing online instruction, are offering enrichment activities.  Help your child set up a space and plan time to get their work done.  There are other ways to be productive.  Is there a home project you have been meaning to tackle?  A meme circulating on Facebook states “I always said I would deep clean my house, if I ever had the time…it turns out that was not the reason.”  Projects can be overwhelming.  Break them down to small manageable tasks.  One of our doctors developed this home/life skills scavenger hunt for their teens. 

Dr. Evans states that there is no double dipping.  The goal is to have something separate for each category.  All of these are just options.  Remember that if you are adding stress to your life trying to hit the mark for all four categories, keep it simple.  Part of the fun is gathering at the end of the day and asking your kids how they did.  As always, give yourself some grace…you get credit if you DO SOMETHING!

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