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Development, ADHD & Mental Health

Specific appointments for concerns regarding autism and other developmental delays, behavior, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), anxiety, depression or other mental health topics may be scheduled with our providers.  These concerns are often raised during well child checkups but depending on the level of parental or provider concern a separate visit may need to be scheduled to more fully meet your needs, address your concerns or evaluate your child.

At your discretion you may arrange for these conferences in the presence or absence of your child.  If you choose to exclude your child for the initial conference your provider may request a second appointment be made to talk with and evaluate the child.

For ADD and ADHD evaluations it is very helpful for you to have the following forms completed and delivered to our office prior to your visit, so they can be reviewed and scored by the provider.

Initial Parent ADD/ADHD Evaluation

Initial Teacher ADD/ADHD Evaluation

For Depression or Anxiety concerns we use the following forms as supplements to our discussion with and evaluation of the child or adolescent.  This form is most reliable if done both without the assistance of a parent/guardian and without being seen/reviewed by a parent/guardian.

Depression Screening Questionnaire

Anxiety Screening Questionnaire – for child/adolescent to fill out

Anxiety Screening Questionnaire – for parent to fill out

Due to her additional training, Dr. Melissa Nelson can do extended developmental assessments when a diagnosis of autism or other developmental disorder is not clear cut based on evaluation during a routine well child checkup.