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Immunization Schedule

Immunization (Vaccine) Schedule

Our suggested schedule of immunizations is based on the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). While vaccines are an important part of how we keep your child healthy, checkups are also for measuring and monitoring healthy growth and development. Even if your child is not due for vaccines, we still recommend check ups at years 2, 2 ½, 3, and yearly thereafter. At each checkup we will remind you when your child is due to come back. Click on the vaccine names below for CDC Information sheets on each of the vaccines and the diseases they prevent.

Newborn       Hep B#1 of 3 (usually done while still in the hospital)

1 Month         Hep B#2 of 3

2 Months       Pentacel #1 of 4 (DTaP, HibPolio), Pneumococcus#1 of 4, Rotavirus#1 of 3

4 Months       Pentacel #2 of 4 (DTaP, HibPolio),  Pneumococcus#2 of 4, Rotavirus#2 of 3

6 Months       Pentacel #3 of 4 (DTaP, HibPolio), Pneumococcus#3 of 4, Rotavirus#3 of 3

9 Months       Hep B #3 of 3

12 Months     Hep A#1 of 2, MMR#1 of 2, Chicken Pox#1 of 2

15 Months     Pentacel #4 of 4 (DTaP, HibPolio)Pneumococcus#4 of 4

18 Months    Hep A#2 of 2

4-5 Years      Quadracel (DTaP#5 of 5,  Polio#4 of 4), MMR#2 of 2, Chicken Pox#2 of 2

11 Years         MenA,C,W,Y#1 of 2, HPV#1 of 2**, Tdap#1

16 Years        MenA,C,W,Y#2 of 2, MenB#1 of 2***

**HPV (Gardasil™) is a 2-vaccine series for those who receive the first dose prior to turning 15.  The second dose is administered 6-12 months after the first.  If the first HPV vaccine is given at 15 years or older a 3-vaccine series is followed with #2 of 3 administered 2 months after the 1st, and #3 of 3 administered 4 months after the 2nd.  Updated 11/2016.

***MenB (Trumenba™) is a 2-vaccine series. #2 of 2 is administered 6 months after the first.  MenB protects against a different strain of meningitis than MenA,C,W,Y (Menactra™).

Scheduling an appointment for make-up immunizations

Those children whose immunizations were postponed due to illness and for certain other reasons may be given make-up immunizations Tuesday through Friday from 9:00am – 11:30am and 1: 15pm – 4:30pm. We ask that you call and schedule an appointment for these shots with our daily shot nurse.

Recent research about vaccines

There has been much written about vaccines and reactions in the last several years. Much of this information has not been scientifically proven. In fact, most has been scientifically disproven. We have kept abreast of all new information and advances involving vaccines and continue to believe that all children are best served by completing the immunization schedule in a timely fashion.

For more information on vaccines, please refer to the following websites:

There’s an app for that…

CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) is one of the worldwide leaders in vaccine research. They have created a great app that teaches parents and children about the diseases vaccines help prevent, the vaccines themselves, and potential side effects. Check it out at

UPDATED 3/2017