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Solid Foods

When Can Babies Start Solid Foods?

From a growth and nutrition standpoint, it is not essential to begin solid foods until 6 months old.

Introducing solids before 4 months of age has been shown to increase the likelihood for obesity and allergies later on in life.

More and more studies are showing that introducing solids between 4 and 6 months old is best for lowering the risk of food allergies.

What Solid Food(s) Should We Give First?

The traditional first food is iron-fortified cereal such as rice cereal. Rice cereal offers a chance for children to learn to eat from a spoon and is a good first food because you are in control of the thickness.  You may mix approximately 1-4 tablespoons of cereal with breast milk or formula.

You, by no means, have to start with rice cereal. A pureed fruit or vegetable is also fine. In fact, adding cereal to a diet of iron-fortified formula may cause constipation.

Always remember to allow at least 3 days between introducing each new food. This will allow you to more easily identify the cause if an allergic or other reaction occurs.

The only food you cannot give to infant’s is honey, which should be absolutely restricted until after the 1st birthday due to risk of botulism.

If your child has an older sibling with a peanut allergy, the younger child should be tested for peanut allergy prior to introducing peanut butter.

How Often Should My Child Have Solids?

4-6 Month Olds:

6-9 Month Olds:

9-12 Month Olds:

12 Month Olds and Beyond: