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Ibuprofen Dose

Ibuprofen (name brands = Advil, Motrin) is a NSAID (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug).  Compared to acetaminophen (Tylenol), ibuprofen typically lasts an hour or two longer and has better fever and pain/discomfort reducing properties.  However, ibuprofen should NEVER BE GIVEN to infants UNDER 6 MONTHS OLD.  Additionally, ibuprofen can be harsh on the stomach and should be avoided if your child has an empty stomach, vomiting or abdominal pain. If your child has an illness that has resulted in some degree of dehydration, taking ibuprofen could damage their kidneys.  When in doubt ask one of our providers if ibuprofen is the right fever and/or pain reducer for your child.

Conditions for which ibuprofen is preferred over acetaminophen include musculoskeletal pain/injuries (for example twisted/sprained ankles, leg cramps, swollen/painful knees from growing pains, low back pain, neck spasm) and teething because it does a better job of calming down inflammation, decreasing swelling, and likely decreasing pain.  The correct dose should be determined based on your child’s weight; age should only be used if a child’s weight is not known.

Weight Age* Ibuprofen Infant Drops 50mg/1.25ml Ibuprofen Children’s Suspension 100mg/5ml Ibuprofen Junior Strength Chewable Tablets 100mg/tab Ibuprofen Junior Strength Tablets 100mg/tab (swallow)
6-11 lbs 0-3 mo   n/a   n/a   n/a   n/a
12-17 lbs 6-11 mo 1.25 ml  2.5 ml   n/a   n/a
18-23 lbs 12-23 mo 1.875 ml  3.75 ml   n/a   n/a
24-35 lbs 2-3 yrs   n/a 5 ml   n/a   n/a
36-47 lbs 4-5 yrs   n/a 7.5 ml   n/a   n/a
48-59 lbs 6-8 yrs   n/a 10 ml 2 tablets 2 caplets
60-71 lbs 9-10 yrs   n/a 12.5 ml 2½ tablets 2½ caplets
72-95 lbs 11 yrs   n/a 15 ml 3 tablets 3 caplets
96 lbs and over 12 yrs   n/a   n/a   4 tablets   4 caplets

*use only when weight not available