Bringing Home a Newborn During the COVID Pandemic

A new baby is supposed to bring families together in celebration. But while we all await COVID-19 vaccination, we recommend the following guidelines for visitors. 

Limit the visitors who see your baby.

Visitors should have quarantined for at least 14 days. Like all viruses, people are most contagious before they develop symptoms. With COVID-19, they may be contagious and never develop symptoms.

Visitors must wash their hands before touching the baby.

Visitors should wear a mask while holding the baby, or while they are around the new family.

Children under 2 should not wear face masks, nor face shields.

Keep your home well-ventilated, and try and maintain 6 feet of spacing.

If your baby will be attending daycare, be sure to ask about their guidelines and rules to prevent the spread of COVID.

Make sure your visitors have had their regular vaccinations: a Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis/whooping cough) for any adult (once), and an updated flu vaccine.

We also recommend checking this CDC page for the most recently updated guidelines, which includes topics like how to care for your newborn at home if you test positive for or have been diagnosed with COVID-19.