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International Travel Consultations

Pediatric Associates of Richmond is now offering international travel consultations.  The consultation by Dr. Weber or Kristin Flohre, CPNP, will provide recommendations for vaccinations, mosquito/insect bite prevention, and other safety strategies.  If applicable, antibiotics for infections such as traveler’s diarrhea may be prescribed.  We will begin keeping typhoid vaccine at our West End office for administration as well (injection only, not pills).  Other non-standard vaccines, however, may require a visit to a travel pharmacy.  A full list of travel pharmacies is listed on our international travel page.

Please be advised of the following when scheduling an international travel consultation:

  1.  We cannot provide prescriptions for parents.
  2.  This service is only for patients whom we serve as primary care physicians.
  3.  Please schedule at least 1 month before travel as some of the medications or vaccines require completion well in advance.
  4.  You may still use the local travel pharmacies/clinics if you prefer, or if they work better for your schedule.

What to tell the scheduler when calling for an appointment:

  1.  Names of all children traveling.
  2.  Name of country/countries to which they are traveling.
  3.  Name of the cities, states, provinces or regions within those countries to which your children will be traveling.  The recommendations may be different depending on the region.  The more detail you provide the more protected your children will be.