COVID-19 vaccines now available for all children 6 months and older. Bivalent boosters available for children down to 5 years old.

We’re so excited to finally have an option to vaccinate patients 6 months and older against COVID-19! Our first shipment of vaccines for young children has arrived and we will begin administering them at previously scheduled check-ups this week. We will add nurse vaccine visits beginning next week.

As has been the case with vaccines for children 5 years and older, PAR providers recommend that anyone who is eligible get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Please be advised of the following:

1) PAR providers do not recommend one vaccine over another. Both vaccines were safe and protective in clinical trials.

2) For the foreseeable future, PAR will only have the Pfizer vaccine (this is for logistical reasons, and having to pre-order, not because of endorsement of one over another).

3) The Pfizer vaccine is 3 doses. The second is 3 weeks after the first, and the third is 8 weeks after the second. The Moderna vaccine is 2 doses separated by 4 weeks, but a third dose will likely be needed at some point in the future.

4) Pharmacies are administering the vaccines for children 3 years and older. Some CVS Minute Clinic locations are also vaccinating children 18 months and older. Local health departments are yet another option for vaccinations.

We expect that many of you, like our staff members with children under 5, are very eager to protect your children against COVID-19. Many, likely, have already taken advantage of pharmacy or health department vaccine availability. These are great resources if you prefer not to wait until next week.

Below is a link to a vaccine FAQ from the American Academy of Pediatrics

and an interview with a Pediatric Infectious Diseases expert at University of Michigan, who is also a parent of a 2 year old. She describes differences between the two vaccine options and other helpful things to consider regarding vaccinating young children against COVID-19

Update 10/2022: Bivalent boosters now available for all children down to 5 years old. Must have completed initial series of two doses, and needs to be at least 2 months since their last dose (whether last dose was their second or third).