COVID-19 Testing FAQs

1)       Who should get tested? At this time only patients with symptoms AND exposure risk factors.

2)       How is testing done? We obtain a sample from the back of the nose and throat using swabs similar to the strep and flu swabs.

3)      How long does it take to get results? Expected turnaround time is now (as of 4/26/2020) 1-3 days.

4)      What should we do while awaiting test results? Stay home so that friends, family and neighbors are not exposed. Monitor your child’s hydration and breathing closely. If you have concerns about your child being dehydrated or having difficulty breathing, call our office. If our clinical team believes your child needs urgent evaluation, we will refer you to a local emergency room and we will inform that ER team prior to your arrival.

5)      What are “next steps” if my child tests positive? Fortunately, serious outcomes in pediatric patients are rare. We should, nevertheless, remain vigilant. Your child should remain quarantined in a specific room, and ideally use a separate bathroom from every other family member. As noted above, monitor your child closely for signs of dehydration or breathing difficulty. The duration of home quarantine will be based on recommendations of your local health department at the time of confirmed positive test.

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