Well Child Check-Ups Still Recommended During COVID-19 Pandemic

PAR continues to recommend scheduling and keeping routine, on-time check-ups – a policy reaffirmed by an AAP statement earlier today (4/15/2020). We have received many calls and questions about check-ups, and whether or not parents should keep their child’s appointment. Parental concerns are understandable. Today’s post will address these concerns in the context of current governmental and medical recommendations.

Regularly scheduled check-ups are vital for ensuring that a child is growing well, developing appropriately, and receiving vaccines to protect against serious, and sometimes deadly, infections. As many parents can attest, it is also a time during which we address parents’ questions & concerns. Well child care, including vaccines, has therefore remained a top priority for PAR. As previously noted, this approach is supported and (today) reaffirmed by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

To optimize the safety of wellness visits, we have:

  • Made the Three Chopt office sick visits only, and Short Pump & Mechanicsville offices well visits only
  • Had only one parent/guardian accompany each child to their visit
  • Eliminated waiting rooms by providing online check-in in the parking lots
  • Administered vaccines in the exam rooms instead of at nurse’s stations, where we had traditionally done so
  • Utilized phone triage to ensure individuals coming to the well offices are healthy and without known exposures to COVID-19
  • Placed signs on front doors of each office location reinforcing phone triage screening

We strongly believe that taking these steps has made the aforementioned benefits of check-ups much greater than the low risk of being exposed to coronavirus.

If you have unique questions about your child and our recommendations to continue routine check-ups, please call (804) 282-4205 and ask to speak with a member of the clinical team. If you are wondering if your child is due for any vaccines at their upcoming visit, you may reference our Check-Ups and Vaccines schedule.