Bivalent Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccines available for all patients 6 months or older (please read for details)

This update is primarily geared toward those parents of 6 month to 4 year olds who had held off on doing the 3rd dose of the primary series while waiting for the bivalent vaccine to become available.

Please note that for the 6 month to 4 year old patients, the bivalent Pfizer vaccine is only authorized at this time to be given as the 3rd and final dose of the primary series. It is NOT authorized at this time as a 4th dose for 6 month to 4 year old patients. We do not know when or if this recommendation will change.

We also encourage those 5 years and older who have not had a bivalent booster to get updated, especially in light of increasing community spread. We have bivalent boosters for all age groups at all 3 locations. Those eligible for bivalent boosters are anyone who has completed the primary series of 2 doses at any time.

Please be advised that data on the effectiveness of just 2 doses of original vaccine against Omicron variants show no more benefit than being unvaccinated. A booster, however, will increase protection to 55% or higher. We therefore especially recommend those with only 2 doses to get a booster. At this time, all boosters administered are bivalent per CDC recommendations.