Bivalent Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccines available for all patients 6 months or older

Based on the most recent guidelines in Spring 2023, all individuals 6 months or older may receive a bivalent COVID-19 vaccine. As a reminder, PAR only has Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines. To be eligible for a bivalent vaccine at this time, an individual needs to have had at least 2 doses of the primary vaccine series, and be at least 8 weeks from their last dose. A booster dose with the bivalent vaccine may be administered 8 weeks from the most recent dose, whether it was monovalent or bivalent. For children 6 months to 4 years old who received 2 doses of the Moderna vaccine, we cannot at this time administer the bivalent Pfizer vaccine (i.e. guidelines do not recommend a “mix and match” approach for this age group yet). Parents of children in this situation, can return to the location where their child received the primary series and inquire about a Moderna bivalent vaccine. As always, please contact our office with any questions