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Helping the Next Generation

We are all committed to our own continuing medical education as well as the education of medical students, residents, and nurse practitioners.

We would not be the healthcare providers we are today without the opportunity at all levels of our training to see and care for patients.  Fortunate to have had those opportunities, we pay it forward by having NP or medical students and/or residents in our office from time to time.

Their involvement will be directly proportional to their level of experience and will not interfere with nor substitute for the care of one of our providers.

We are happy to accommodate your request to exclude the involvement of a student or resident; we will always ask you before the trainee comes into the exam room.

All of the doctors in the office participate in a national research network sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Occasional studies may take the form of parent surveys or questionnaires for physicians to complete about management of certain illnesses or conditions.

None of the studies will interfere with decision-making regarding your child’s health.  You will always be informed and asked for permission to include your child’s medical information in these projects.  As always, confidentiality is maintained when reporting this information to the study.