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Archive: Apr 2016

  1. New Meningitis Vaccine Available Monday, May 2, 2016

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    On Monday, May 2, 2016, we will begin administering the Trumenba vaccine.  This vaccine protects against a form of bacterial meningitis called Meningococcus type B, or MenB for short.  Menactra, which we give at ages 11 and 16, protects against the A, C, W and Y forms of bacterial meningitis, but not type B.  We are recommending Trumenba for all teens aged 16 and up.  Below are more details.

    1. It is a 3 dose vaccine. It is given at 0, 2 and 6 months increments.
    2. It is covered by all insurance companies.
    3. It is given to teens 16 years old and up.
    4. It covers only the B type strain so the Menactra vaccine will still need to be given.
    5. It is not a live vaccine.
    6. It does not contain any preservatives or thimerosal.
    7. For teens that are going off to college, if the series is not complete before they graduate, they can come back and complete the series at our office.
    8. It is a latex free vaccine.

    The vaccine series can be started at your child’s next annual check up, or you can call to make a shot visit appointment with one of the nurses.  Please call (804) 282-4205 during our regular business hours to speak with someone about scheduling a visit.

    For more background information and FAQs about Trumenba, visit the Trumenba page in our Resource Library.



  2. April e-Newsletter: Spring Allergies, Influenza & Zika virus

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    Seasonal Allergies

    It’s that time of year again.  That beautiful green coating on your car.  The sneezing, the runny nose, the coughing, the itchy everything.  Spring allergy season has arrived in RVA.  If you or your child is an allergy sufferer and hasn’t started taking medicine yet, now is the time to start.  For additional information about seasonal allergies and tips on how to best control them, please visit our Seasonal Allergies page in the Resource Library.


    What’s New with the Flu?

    In addition to tree pollen March has brought us a notable increase in cases of influenza.  In just the first week of March we had more confirmed cases of influenza than we had for all of December, January and February.  This year’s vaccine is twice as effective as last year’s, and the vast majority of confirmed cases have been unvaccinated individuals.  We do expect to be seeing cases of the flu for at least the next month, so it’s not too late to get your child a flu vaccine.  We are out of Flumist, but still have flu shots for children 6 months of age and older.  If you think your child has the flu, keep them comfortable and hydrated, and consider bringing them in for evaluation.  Tamiflu is typically most helpful at shortening the length of symptoms and contagiousness if started in the first 48 hrs of symptoms.


    What’s New with Zika Virus?

    By now you have probably heard a lot about Zika virus, and possibly a lot of conflicting information.  Zika virus is transmitted primarily by mosquito bites.  The symptoms of Zika virus infection are typically mild and manageable.  Approximately 80% of those infected show no symptoms at all.  Those that do have symptoms have some combination of fever, pink eye, rash and joint pain.  The greatest concern with Zika virus has been its association with microcephaly (small head and brain) in babies born to mom’s who were infected while pregnant.  Research continues to determine how, and if they truly are linked.  To read more about Zika virus and ways to minimize your risk of exposure, please visit our Zika virus page in the Resource Library.


    Top Docs

    Congratulations Dr. Shreve and Dr. Nelson for being voted Top Docs in Richmond Magazine’s annual survey of Richmond area physicians.

  3. Congratulations Drs. Shreve & Nelson on being voted Top Docs

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    Richmond Magazine’s annual Top Docs issue is a based on a survey of Richmond doctors.  Top Docs are voted as such exclusively by other doctors in our community.  We are honored that two of our doctors have been recognized by the Richmond medical community as being the best in field of Pediatrics.  Please join us in congratulating Dr. Shreve and Dr. Nelson.