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Welcome to our new website

Thank you to all those who responded to our email survey, provided feedback on our old website, and made recommendations about the new website. Our hope is to use the new website as a better means of communicating¬† with you (the patients and parents), and keeping you up to date on both ‘need to know’ and ‘nice to know’ information. We are not currently on social media but are exploring the logistics and will update you when that status changes. Please sign up for the monthly email newsletter, written by our very own Dr. Powell. We will also be posting the articles she writes, and others, on this blog.

Many have requested the ability to communicate with nurses or providers online, or request appointments or medication refills through the website. Our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) vendor is currently working on this capability, but it is not available at this time, unfortunately. This has to be done through the EMR vendor in order to protect your health information. We apologize for this inconvenience and will let you know when these services are available.