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Richmond Family Magazine – Family Health Articles

Kids & Colds: What’s a Parent to Do by Laura Duke (April 2010)

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Tick Checks: Booting Unwanted Summer Guests by Laura Duke (August 2010)

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Kids and Meds: Expert Pill Swallowing Tips by Jan Dalby (January 2011)

Facts of Lice: The Itsy-Bitsy Bad Guy by Laura Duke (February 2011)

Parents’ Wake Up Call: Are the Kids Getting Enough ZZZZZ’s by Jan Dalby (March 2011)

Safe Sleep for Baby by Laura Duke (September 2011)

Baby’s First Cold: Strategies for Prevention and Treatment by Jan Dalby (December 2011)

Ugh – Strep Throat Again? by Laura Duke (January 2014)

Heads-Up on Helmets by Jan Dalby (March 2014)

To Swaddle or Not to Swaddle by Laura Duke (August 2014)