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Newborn Nursery Care

While many pediatric practices are starting to scale back rounding at area hospitals, Pediatric Associates of Richmond takes great joy in continuing to meet you at both St. Mary’s Hospital and Henrico Doctor’s Forest Campus.

Each hospital makes you ‘pick a pediatrician’ when you arrive to deliver your baby.  Give them one of our doctors’ names, and the nursery will call us after you’ve delivered. (NOTE: there are other Dr. Nelson’s and Dr. Chiu’s in the community, so it may be easiest to give another one of our doctor’s names to avoid confusion between practices)

Depending on the time of your delivery, we will either come to examine your baby and speak with you in the evening after office hours, or the next morning.

We will examine your baby and speak with you each morning until you are discharged home.

We cherish and are thankful for the opportunity to be with you and your children from the first day of life until they reach adulthood.

If because of insurance coverage, location or personal preferences you delivery at a hospital other than the two where we have privileges, that hospital’s pediatrician team will see your baby until discharge and fax us the records at the time of discharge.

To read more about what to expect at, and bring to, your newborn’s first office visit, go to our Welcome New Parents page.