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Flu Vaccine Update (2)

We now have flu vaccine appointments available for October 5th – October 9th. We have a limited supply of the flu vaccine, including flu shots for ages 6 months and up and the nasal flu vaccine (Flu Mist) for ages 2 years and up.  We will continue to open appointments one to two weeks at a time as our shipments arrive.  We apologize for these delays and any inconvenience, but are making the vaccines available as soon as we possibly can.  Please call to schedule an appointment for your child.  As we have more information we will update our patients both by email and website updates.

If you would like to read the CDC Vaccine Information Sheets for either the flu shot or the nasal flu vaccine, please click here and scroll down to the ”Flu Season Information” header.

Click on these links to read more general information about flu vaccines, and more specifically about the 2015-2016 flu vaccines.