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2015-2016 Flu Vaccines

It is time for flu vaccines again!  Flu season is around the corner and it almost time to get your child’s annual flu vaccine.  As we start getting shipments in, we will send out an email letting people know that they can call to schedule a shot appointment.  You may also check here for updates in the future.  As in the past several years, the Center for Disease Control recommends that all children get immunized against the flu.  Because the flu strains change each year, it is necessary to get a flu vaccine every year to protect against the strains of the flu for the current year.  Below are a few reminders about the flu vaccine.

  1. The flu vaccine is approved for 6 months and older.
  2. If it is your child’s first year getting the flu vaccine, he or she will need 2 doses of the flu vaccine at least 4 weeks apart.
  3. If your child has only received one dose of flu vaccine in his or her life and is 8 years old or younger, he or she will need 2 doses of the flu vaccine 4 weeks apart as well.
  4. The flu shot is approved for 6 months and older.  The nasal flu vaccine (Flumist) is approved for ages 2 years to 49 years of age.
  5. The Flumist is not recommended for children with uncontrolled asthma or other serious medical conditions.  Those children should receive the flu shot.
  6. For children with egg allergy, if the child’s reaction is hives, they may receive the flu shot but not the Flumist.  These children also must remain in our office for 30 minutes to ensure they do not have a reaction to the vaccine.  Any child who has an anaphylactic response to the flu vaccine (respiratory distress, wheezing, vomiting, shock) cannot receive the flu vaccine.
  7. For those children under 6 months of age or those who cannot receive a flu vaccine due to a medical condition or an allergy, it is recommended that the families and caregivers of those children are vaccinated for the current season so as to best protect the child.